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I was on the phone with my mother, who lives in Pune, India, complaining about Indian Matchmaking , when she brought up the marriage proposal. I knew she agreed. I scoffed. But watch Indian Matchmaking , and you may end the eight-episode arc of the smartly edited, highly bingeable show with a misleading idea of how arranged marriages actually work. The Netflix reality show follows Sima Taparia, a matchmaker from Mumbai whose pen-and-paper spreadsheets of potential suitors is far from the most outdated thing about her. She flies back and forth between the U. Women need to cook.

How a Real-Life Rom-Com About Arranged Marriage Explores Love in America

They spoke in the kitchen, her mother pretending to wash dishes in the background and her brother hiding in a cupboard, eavesdropping. Thus, the beginning of her matchmaking experience ended almost as soon as it began. Executive produced by Smriti Mundhra, it follows Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker Mundhra met when her own mother solicited matchmaking services for her a decade ago. Mundhra, who was raised in the U. She made a documentary on the topic in , A Suitable Girl , a broad and bitter portrait of traditional matchmaking in India.

It follows three women up until their wedding days, documenting their loss of independence and observing the severe social and familial pressures they face throughout the process.

India From Above is a two-part documentary which uses drone Patel, who earned an Emmy nomination for portraying a heartbroken dating.

India on Film explores the earliest footage of India dating back to Much of this archive has never been seen before, now expertly restored and digitized by the British Film Institute, and shown for the first time. This fascinating archive paints India as a gigantic melting pot. We see rickshaw pullers, maharajahs, British colonialists and missionaries through the lens of professional and amateur filmmakers. We experience major events and rituals as if we were there — including the famous Delhi Durbars and some of the earliest films ever shot of Gandhi.

This exclusive two-parter contains contributions from a wide range of world-renowned experts, including historians and writers William Dalrymple and Manu Pillai.

What ‘Indian Matchmaking’ gets wrong — and right

Netflix was launched in India on 6 January, and faces stiff competition from other online streaming channels Source: Netflix Photograph: Others. The documentary stars the legend himself. The film explores his ideologies, his quest for the ever-changing truth and discovers his moments of epiphany that rightly give him the title of an auteur. There was a time when the city of Agra was home to the largest shoe industry in the country, dating back to the Mughal era. This was a time when shoes were made from the wasted leather pouches that carried hing asoeftida from Iran.

The industry subsequently died when China introduced leather substitutes and the Indian government pushed for exports.

In this real-life “My Big Fat Greek Wedding, ” an Indian-American man who is about to We get it; we already know that by being “open” to dating non-Indians the about Indian Hindu culture. humorous and likable but I think the documentary.

Indian Matchmaking , the Netflix series about professional matchmaker Sima Taparia and her clients, has spawned memes, opinion columns and social media outrage across geographies. The show has been executive produced by Smriti Mundhra. In an email interview, Mundhra addresses criticism of the series and reveals whether there will be a second season. It was meant to be honest to the world of one matchmaker and a specific set of clients, and a nuanced look at the search for a life partner, which is a loaded and often triggering topic.

Are you surprised at how the show has connected across the world? How did you select the candidates for the show? First and foremost, it started with who was willing to go through this process with cameras on them. We also did some outreach on our own. Of the group that was willing, we focused on the people who were the most open, ready to be honest and represented different points of view and different aspects of the Indian and diasporic experience.

Why are they mostly from the same faith — Hindus with one Sikh? Within that, we pushed for as much diversity as possible without resorting to tokenism or stunt casting. We also show a range of perspectives about marriage, including talking about the stigma of divorce in our culture. This is the reality of how many people in our culture still think.

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Is The Talk Of India — And Not In A Good Way

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. A video emerged from India in February showing five grievously injured men lying on the street being beaten by several policemen and forced to sing the Indian national anthem.

They have beaten Muslim men for dating Hindu women. their citizenship, individuals were expected to provide documentary evidence dating.

When it’s this hot out, all you want to do is turn the AC up and go lie on the couch. But when something new and buzzy arrives, like Unsolved Mysteries or Love is Blind, we can’t help but dive in fully—because who doesn’t like shiny new things? And the latest and greatest on the streaming market is Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking , which premieres July Here’s the premise: Done with the horrifying downsides of dating apps and blind dates, young adults in the U.

They enlist the services of Sima Taparia, a matchmaker who specializes in arranged marriages. Sounds intriguing, right? Here’s everything to know about your new favorite dating series. Over eight episodes, famous Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia guides her millennial clients on their path to finding “the one. Most of these clients are tired of the digital dating scene we know and loathe, and just want to get down to business.

After learning their interests, ambitions, and yes, their birth charts , Taparia sets out to find a perfect match however she sees fit—sometimes having to travel across the country to find the other half. It’s a dating documentary like no other, because, for once, we don’t have to watch hot people parade around in confusing swimsuits “looking for love”—we actually get to witness people looking for the real thing while we learn about the culture and practices of arranged marriage.

So, like, Too Hot to Handle , but make it educational and meaningful. Yes, don’t sweat!

Ancient DNA from the skeletons of Roopkund Lake reveals Mediterranean migrants in India

No one in my immediate family has had an arranged marriage, but I have many relatives who have. But I also know they rarely favor brides-to-be, expecting them to meet caste, color and body requirements as well as stereotypical gender roles. The show bills itself as exploring traditional Indian matchmaking practices in a modern world.

Documentary film allows students to conduct and present research through a rich and diverse tradition of Indian social justice theory and action dating from the​.

The National Museum of the American Indian NMAI has one of the most extensive collections of Native American arts and artifacts in the world—approximately , catalog records , items representing over 12, years of history and more than 1, indigenous cultures throughout the Americas. Ranging from ancient Paleo-Indian points to contemporary fine arts, the collections include works of aesthetic, religious, and historical significance as well as articles produced for everyday use.

Current holdings include all major culture areas of the Western Hemisphere, representing virtually all tribes in the United States, most of those of Canada, and a significant number of cultures from Middle and South America and the Caribbean. Approximately 68 percent of the object collections originate in the United States, with 3. Overall, 55 percent of the collection is archaeological, 43 percent ethnographic, and 2 percent modern and contemporary arts.

These figures are based on catalog numbers, not number of items, where single catalog numbers encompassing dozens of sherds or projectile points would skew percentages toward archaeology.

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Is Your New Favorite Dating Show

Karen Grigsby Bates. Ravi Patel and his sister, Geeta, worked together on the documentary Meet the Patels, in which Ravi struggles to find a partner both he and his parents love. Courtesy of Alchemy hide caption.

While the documentary focuses on the rivalry between Diana and Spencer, Stay up to date on all the latest World news with The New Indian.

Over the first three decades of Independent India , documentary film was considered by the new State as the most important medium of mass communication and education. Acknowledging the critical role of documentary images, the Indian State was prompt in creating a national institution, the Films Division FD to supervise the production and distribution of documentary films and newsreels. In , one year after India’s independence, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated FD to participate in the project of nation building.

Following the model of the Indian mixed economy, in which public and private sectors collaborated, most of FD films were produced internally, whilst the rest was commissioned from private companies which also produced films outside of FD. These three areas of production internal to, associated with and external to FD made up the Indian documentary film sector of the s. The first decades of Indian documentaries at the FD were partly dedicated to nation-building, in a country facing numerous challenges in terms of education, social cohesion, economic development, etc.

We Need to Talk About ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Most of us would like to believe that India is on the cusp of greatness but the ground truth is very different. Before we can claim greatness, we have to get our fundamentals in place. What does India stand for collectively?

A hybrid of a reality show and documentary series, Indian Matchmaking follows multiple South Asian singles‘ search for a spouse, with the help.

The Rajputs regard themselves as descendants or members of the Kshatriya warrior ruling class, but they actually vary greatly in status, from princely lineages, such as the Guhilot and Kachwaha, to simple cultivators. Most authorities agree that successful claims to Rajput status frequently were made by groups that attained secular power; invaders from central Asia as well as patrician lines of indigenous tribal peoples were probably absorbed in that way.

There are numbers of Muslim Rajputs in northwestern India and eastern Pakistan, and Rajputs generally have adopted the custom of purdah seclusion of women. Their ethos includes an intense pride in ancestry and a mettlesome regard for personal honour. They seek hypergamous marriages i. Following the breakup of the Gupta empire late 6th century , invading groups were probably integrated within the existing society, with the present pattern of northwestern Indian society being the result. Tribal leaders and nobles were accepted as Kshatriyas, the second order of the Hindus, while their followers entered the fourth Shudra , or cultivating order to form the basis of tribal castes, such as the Jats , the Gujars, and the Ahirs.

Some indigenous tribes and clans also attained Rajput status, such as the Rathors of Rajputana; the Bhattis of Punjab; and the Chandelas , Paramaras, and Bundelas of central India. Rajput habits of eating meat except beef and other traits suggest both foreign and aboriginal origins. The Rajputs emerged into political importance as early as the 7th century.

From about , Rajput dynasties dominated northern India, and the many petty Rajput kingdoms there were among the main obstacles to the complete Muslim domination of Hindu India. After the Muslim conquest of the eastern Punjab and the Ganges Ganga River valley, the Rajputs maintained their independence in the fastnesses of Rajputana and the forests of central India. Some Rajput nobles further strengthened their ties with the Mughals by arranging marriages between their daughters and Mughal emperors or their sons.

The Rajputs subsequently fell victims to the chiefs of the Maratha confederacy until they accepted British suzerainty at the end of the last Maratha war.

Critics question why “Indian Matchmaking” didn’t involve Netflix India

Netflix launched in India in , but it took a while to warm up to homegrown commissions in a market that thrives on local fare. It didn’t help optics that content execs Swati Shetty and Simran Sethi opted to resign rather than be based in Mumbai. They were replaced eventually by Monica Shergill in , who joined existing director of originals Srishti Behl Arya. Amid all the restructuring, the streamer’s first Indian commission, ‘s “Sacred Games,” a hit for the service, was commissioned by Erik Barmack out of the U.

Over in India, Netflix — trailing behind turbocharged local streamers and global rival Amazon Prime Video — was trying to grow its customer base by trialling cheap subscriptions. Until, of course, “Indian Matchmaking” came along, aimed squarely at India and the Indian diaspora.

A forthcoming documentary suggests a Hobart woman who’s serving a life sentence males and females dating back to , according to Chief Larry McKinley. Strbjak said Paresh Paul told police his mother had gone to India or was on a.

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India on Film

A forthcoming documentary suggests a Hobart woman who’s serving a life sentence in prison for her role in two killings may have been a serial killer who also fed the remains of her dismembered lover to neighbors at a barbecue in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Investigation Discovery, a crime-themed cable network that reaches 85 million U. Her husband burst out of the basement and shot Regan in the head with a. The upcoming show follows Frizzo as her investigation of missing person Regan leads her “down a rabbit hole that alludes to cannibalism, reveals human remains and uncovers a deadly love triangle,” according to Investigation Discovery.

Investigation Discovery compares “Dead North,” which premiers in a “two-night event” at 9 p.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was leader of India’s nonviolent independence movement against British rule. He was revered the world over.

Melbourne has by far the largest community of young Indians in Australia. Twenty-nine-year-old Dalvinder grew up in Australia with traditional Sikh parents. After a month of dating suitors that fail to impress, she takes matters into her own hands and looks for a partner on Tinder. There she meets year-old tradie Shamsher — who is not the sort of man she was looking for at all. Tarun is also 29 and grew up in a middle class Hindu family in India.

If I do not get married by thirty, I will be considered as damaged goods. So Tarun embarks on a rollercoaster journey of speed dating, online searches, and even a trip to India in the hope of finding his perfect match. For Dalvinder and Tarun, the search for love is fraught with difficulty as they try to balance the expectations and beliefs of their Indian-born parents, who are increasingly at odds with the values of Australia and with their own hopes and dreams. Surprisingly, arranged marriage remains the preference for many young Indians who are now returning to the tried-and-true methods of the past, despite living in a culture obsessed with romantic love.

Indian Wedding Race follows the trials and tribulations of these two young Indian Australians in their search for love. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia.

Dating The Asian Way – A BBC2 Documentary

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